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"I bought a BodyCover coverall approximately 3-4 years ago. I'm back for another!."

Sarah- West Newbury, Maine

"I wore my coveralls to an outdoor family event and my mom saw them and asked me to get one for her. She is very excited about getting them as she really liked mine. Thanks for a great product."

Miki- Prince Frederick, Maryland

"Your service is above and beyond wonderful! Just to let you know, the temps are in the 99-103 range, and my wife still just pops into her BodyCovers before she goes to the barn. I am a grisly old engineer who likes things done right, especially when it comes to taking care of my wife. Your unique combination of high-quality form and function is precious. . . . Simply precious"

Michael- Prescott, Arizona

"They are lovely."

Jill- Woodstown, New Jersey

"I just received my Arctic BodyCovers in the mail today. I am in love with them! The fit is amazing and they are super comfortable. The quality is great. Every detail is well thoughtout; the key holder tab on the side, the inside pocket, and the ability to hem them easily. Thank you BodyCovers!"

Teresa- Carmel, New York

"Just wanted to say thank you for the speedy delivery of my BodyCovers. I absolutely love them! I work on our farm and it gets very cold doing the chores. I have a pair of coveralls but I can't bend and move around freely, so I thought I would give your BodyCovers a try. They're so soft and warm and I can bend! It's like wearing a warm comforter around. Thank you so much for making winter a lot easier."

Serena- Heathsville, Virginia

"Last year I ordered my Arctic Winter BodyCovers and it was the BEST investment I made for myself. In the south, it does get VERY cold sometimes, but I work on a shipyard and COLD air coming off the water makes it 10x colder than it really is. I'm going to make sure that all the ladies that work on the shipyard here know about these BodyCovers, that they are made for women. They are comfortable, warm, easy to put on, and we shouldn't have to wear men's covers of any sort when we can look like a woman on the job! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Thank you for creating these for women!"

Jessica- Goose Creek, South Carolina

"I just wanted to let you know I received my new coveralls and they fit perfectly!"

Linda- Beloit, Wisconsin

"Thank you for making the exchange so easy and prompt. The BodyCovers I ordered fit perfectly. I have been searching the web for your product. Fall and winters up here and even spring need your coveralls. Thanks for being so terrific."

Joanne- Liberty, New York

"Hey Teri, two years going and I'm so in love with these coveralls. Nothing getting through these babies. Warm as toast and very comfortable to ride in too. Thanks again"

Lisa- Westminster, Maryland

"Coldest winter on record. With my Arctic coveralls- no problem!!!!"

Linda- Avoca, Nebraska

"Best coveralls ever!!!!"

Carolyn- Owen Sound Ontario, Canada

"I love my winter BodyCovers. It fits perfectly for me and washes well. I've had it for several years now and it's still going strong!"

Nancy- Rosendale, Wisconsin

"I love the product! I brought my BodyCovers to my office this morning to show the ladies. One lady will be ordering one soon for her daughter."

Tonice- Castle Hayne, North Carolina

"My husband gave me two pair of your BodyCovers as a Christmas present a few years ago. I can't thank you enough for this product. In the brutal cold I can throw on my coveralls, put on a couple of neck gators and a fleece hat, neoprene boots and insulated gloves with heater packs, and I am out the door. I make at least 5 trips to the barn every day, so that's a lot of wear and tear, and neither pair of BodyCovers shows any wear. Regardless of how cold it's been- it got down to -31 last month- I stay warm. I have been recommending BodyCovers to all my horsey friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Jennie- Monticello, Minnesota

"You guys are amazing, and you're saving my life! Before BodyCovers, I had to put on snowpants, fleece, hoodie, a vest. . . well, you can imagine. It's such a blessing to be able to just jump into my BodyCovers and be on my way. Plus, hay does not cling to the BodyCovers, and the style keeps hay off my interior clothes. Now, you have the gist of the sales pitch I make to friends!"

Victoria- Swanzey, New Hampshire

"I recently found your website and ordered the Arctic Burgundy BodyCovers. I have hunted for years for warm, light-weight WOMEN'S coveralls, and these are the first I've ever found! I love, love, love them and will be purchasing the others. They work great! Thanks for making them!"

Barb- Mount Hope, West Virginia

"Got my Arctic BodyCovers yesterday and have worn it through 3 feedings- have never been so comfortable. Thanks."

Katherine- Stormville, New York

"I am so pleased with my BodyCovers. These actually do fit as advertised! I am a curvy woman and I bought mine 1 size up from my jean size. This is the warmest and best fitting coverall I have ever had. Today is -20 degrees in Montana and I am able to be outside because of these Arctic coveralls."

Lorie- Shelby, Montana

"I practically lived in my Arctic style BodyCovers this past winter, so it's been through the wash MANY times, and it's held up wonderfully! I love the ease of putting them on, the comfort, and the fit. Feel free to add any of what I love about BodyCovers to the Testimonial page!"

Crystal- Floyds Knobs, IN

"I have my coveralls!!!! Love them in Black- Ready for the Nebraska winter now!!!"

Linda- Avoca, NE

"Just received my first pair of BodyCovers . . . They are awesome! ! ! After years (14) of wearing men's overalls to keep warm on my job which is outside in the elements, it is great to have something that fits and is stylish too. Now I don't feel like a bum. I can feel like a woman and look like one too. Thank you so much! ! ! !"

Chris- Belmont, NC

"I bought my first BodyCover this past Winter, the navy Arctic Winter style, and I just love it! I will be ordering another one when the Ruby Wine color comes out."

Crystal- Floyds Knobs, Indiana

"I have your winter BodyCovers and was wondering if the summer ones were coming out soon. Most comfortable ever!!!"

Tammy- Charlotte, North Carolina

"I look forward to buying more BodyCovers from you in the future. Your BodyCovers are just perfect. Could not be more satisfied."

Jamie- Opelika, AL

"My BodyCovers arrived just now. The color is just too wonderful. Adding the length was a real plus. We are predicting to have an unusually cold and clear spell. Great for my outdoor fun, so the lined BodyCovers will get to go right to work. You are making my job so much easier."

Lorie- Washington State

"We had the coldest air of the season when I first wore my BodyCovers and I was not disappointed! I have been wearing my black Arctic BodyCovers and am thrilled!! I slip them on over my thermal pjs and they are PERFECT! Thanks so much for designing something that means I can stay out in the cold long enough to do my barn chores :) I especially like the fact that they are so warm, yet light-weight and ESPECIALLY that they are so easy to slip on and off. I will get another pair just as soon as I can."

Claire- Dover, Pennsylvania

"I currently own 10 pair of BodyCovers in various weights. I love them. You have a really great product. I hope it will always be available."

Carolyn- Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

"These are pricey but I ordered one anyway because none of the mens' fit me at all. I got it today and it is AWESOME. Threw it on over my PJ's and put on my Bogs and went out for a night walk- it was really nice and warm. What is really cool about them is that they are fitted for a woman- they have this sort of empire fitted waist thing so i even looked kind of cute in it. This is one of the nicest things I have ever owned. I LOVE it!!"

Teri- Whittier, North Carolina

"I received my new coveralls just as you said! Love them!!!"

Linda- Avoca, Nebraska

"Just received my Fall/Winter coveralls and absolutely love it!! Been in a man's coverall for years and found your site and decided to try it. Love, love, love my new coverall. Just what I was looking for. Now I can be back in the barn and riding my horses outside!! Thank you, thank you. Great job."

Ellen- Medford Lakes, New Jersey

"I bought a BodyCover coverall approximately 3-4 years ago. I'm back for another!."

Sarah- West Newbury, Maine

"I really enjoy wearing the summer weight BodyCovers. They allow air ventilation in hot Oklahoma temperatures and easy movement for bending and stretching! The ultimate in comfort work apparel."

Joy- Grove, Oklahoma

"I love my BodyCovers so much- I just ordered 2 more!!!"

Debi- Bogart, Georgia

"Love, love, love my Arctic BodyCovers! I was out early this morning walking my winter-loving Akitas. These coveralls are terrific. Soft, light-weight, but warm. These are everything I had hoped they would be. Thank you."

Deborah- Southampton, New Jersey

"I just received my BodyCovers and I am thrilled. They fit perfectly and I love the color and the design. It's just great! I am going to tell all my friends. I was very happy with the service too. Thank you very much."

Suzanne- Queensland, Australia

"I have sent several people to your site to buy your product due to the quality of them. Since I wear them a minimum of twice a day to do chores, I know they get a lot of use and have washed very well and are by far the most comfortable coveralls I have ever found. It is truly a great product."

Susan- LeRoy, Illinois

"I have three pair of the Fall/Winter BodyCovers and wear them everyday!!!"

Debi- Bogart, Georgia

"Today is the day! The blue BodyCovers did find their way to my door. . . thank you soooooo much for your effort and your generosity."

Dagmar- Alamogordo, New Mexico

"I do appreciate your product and your customer service, both are top notch!"

Mabel- Staten Island, New York

"First, I needed comfort to ride on a horse and be warm in the cold months, then my husband bought a motorcycle. I have the Fall/Winter coveralls and just ordered the Arctic ones. My girlfriend made me take them off on the trail ride so she could try them on and now she just ordered a rush-order pair ! I LOVE MY BODYCOVERS."

Pam- Calhon, Georgia

"I love how comfortable my BodyCovers are."

Nancy- North Caldwell, New Jersey

"I am writing to say I really like my coveralls! I was pleasantly surprised! Your coveralls do keep me warm. Never once did I feel constricted. Your coveralls are comfortable, workable, and waterproof . . . just as the website said. As a future veterinarian, I definitely recommend your coveralls to anyone working with animals or outside."

Jackie- Raleigh, North Carolina

"I love these! They fit perfectly and are so comfortable. You exceeded my expectations."

Martha- Ashdown, Arkansas

"I received my Arctic Winter BodyCovers yesterday . . . they are awesome . . . thank you."

Martha- Texarkana, Texas

"I just got my BodyCovers. They are fabulous! I was surprised how lightweight they are, not big and bulky like most coveralls I've had. Many thanks for your coverall style made for us ladies . . . I highly recommend these BodyCovers . . . keep up the great work."

Kari- Delta, Colorado

"I just received my BodyCovers! They are awesome. I will be home shortly and back at work in a cold, non-heated hanger, working on airplanes. I will be sending you some shots of my BodyCovers in motion!"

Kiki- Chattanooga, Tennessee

"Love the lines. Very flattering. So glad you all are doing this for us outdoor girls."

Mary - Shreveport, Louisiana

"I LOVE my Arctic BodyCovers, thank you SOOOO much! It's perfect for the winter in the mountains of Wyoming. The fit is great and no amount of baby goat nibbling has managed to damage the key loop, buttons, zippers, or anything else; now THAT'S a sign of great quality! You've offered such outstanding customer service through everything, too; I'll definitely be spreading the word about!"

Amy- Pinedale, Wyoming

"I am so glad I ordered these coveralls. I immediately tried them on thinking oooooh, so this is what coveralls are supposed to fit like. WOW! They are so easy to slide in and out of and they aren't heavy, yet they provide the insulation that is needed. I am so thankful to BodyCovers for designing a coverall that is made for women!"

Zelma- Golden Eagle, llinois

"My friend was wearing one of your BodyCovers and took it off for me to wear and see if I liked it. Well, what's not to like? I was so cumfy and cozy!! I raved about it so much that she gave it to me and ordered another pair for herself ! I'll be great word-of-mouth advertising for you! Thanks for keeping us horse people warm!!!!"

Mari- Reddick, Florida

"I admit I was skeptical of this product - - until I got and wore my BodyCovers. I'm sold. WARM, LIGHT, FLEXIBLE ! ! !"


"Just had the most wonderful surprise today. A box with your awesome coveralls! ! I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much."

Kelley- Reddick, Florida

"I have been looking for women's insulated coveralls for SOOO long. . . I am DELIGHTED to have found you! ! Last week, the temps here at 7,500 ft in the Wind River Mts were hanging out around 25 below zero. . . WITHOUT the wind chill factor. Thanks so so so much."

Amy- Pinedale, Wyoming

"You have saved our Butts! lol. My barn manager wanted coveralls for Christmas and we could not find anything for women, until we found BodyCovers!!!! We love you guys! Now we have TWO very happy employees........our barn manager Caitlin LOVES her BodyCovers and the second pair we purchased fit Lyndsey (who happens to have a birthday in January) - the ladies were having a fashion show in our tack room. We had a blast. So we have two very classy ladies in the barn who are having a blast telling our boarders all about the coveralls.

You are a huge hit in our barn!

Looking good and keeping warm in Maine! Thank YOU!"

Gena- Durhan, Maine

"We love our BodyCovers. They are a big hit and the guys are jealous"

LaRitha- Business Jet Center, Dallas, Texas

"This garment is amazing! I ordered my first pair in a size larger than I would normally take and ended up having to send them back because they are very true to size. The return was processed and a refund posted right away. These fit unlike anything else I have ever owned. Highly recommend!"

Karla- Belfast, Maine

"I received my order-thanks for the prompt shipping! I wore it when walking the dogs last night- it is exactly like I had hoped!"

Susan- Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I want to start off by saying this is by far the best internet shopping experience I have ever had. Your response time and customer service has been much appreciated. Thank you so much for your timeliness and courtesy.


Elizabeth- Summerville, South Carolina

"A while back I ordered one of your BodyCovers for the purpose of acting as a pit crew member for my family's amateur auto racing. I can't tell you how many inquiries I get about it from not only the women who are there doing the same thing and wish they could be covered and yet, still look like a woman vs. the "Michelin Man", but also men inquiring on behalf of their wives/girlfriends."

Jackie- Louisville, Kentucky

"After recently marrying a rancher, I needed warm coveralls for helping feed our animals. Men's coveralls weren't a good option. I searched the Internet and found your website. I love my BodyCovers and appreciate the great customer service!"

Judy- Dallas, Texas

"My sweetie really likes her BodyCovers and they keep her warm even on these slightly chilly below zero Maine mornings. She looks great in them, and that keeps me warm."

Bennett- Brooks, Maine

"The BodyCover coveralls fit a woman's body better than any other coverall I've tried on an actress. They are a great design and you should give them a try."

Barbara Inglehart- Co-Author, Shopping LA: The Insider's Sourcebook for Film & Fashion

"Just got my coveralls in the mail. Thank you so much! They fit like they were made for me. Best money I've spent in a long time. Thanks for the quick reply and the super fast shipping. Now I don't have to wear my camo coveralls on the mission trip to install windows in a church parsonage! Will be ordering more later!"

Kathy- Chase City, Virginia

"Thanks for the quick reply. I have to say, dealing with yall has been awesome. Super fast shipping, great product, fair price, and very good communication."

Mark- Goldsboro, North Carolina

"I received the winter BodyCovers as a gift, and I just wanted to tell you how much I love them! I ride my horse alot in the winter and have always struggled to find the right comfort level in clothing . . . I found it with BodyCovers. They're perfect, on and off my horse! Thank you for a great product!"

Jess- Saint Paris, Ohio

"My niece loves the winter BodyCovers I gave her for Christmas. She was thrilled with them when she opened up the package on Christmas. She had been looking for coveralls for some time and could only find them for men. She is telling all of her friends about your product."

Elizabeth- Columbia, Maryland

"I received my BodyCovers yesterday. They are wonderful. Very nicely made. I wore them at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show because it was a walk to Madison Square Garden and it was COLD!!! Lots of compliments. The dog "ladies" are certainly interested."

Kathy- Manhattan, New York

"I must say they are the most comfortable coveralls I've worn, and I've worn some of the best- these just feel so lightweight and comfortable, love them. A very satisfied customer."

Sandy- Mt. Washington, Kentucky

"The coveralls have worked out well for my wife and she loves them. Thanks for the great product and excellent service."

Chuck- Suffolk, Virginia

"Ain't nothin worse than a good-lookin woman in a pair of baggy men's coveralls. I like the way BodyCovers makes a woman look."

Harry- Westminster, Maryland

"I got a pair of your coveralls; I love them. I am very hard to fit- big bust, no butt, 5' 8", 190 lbs. I had to have alterations done. I am fixing to order another pair. Thank you."

Dana- Kilgore, Texas

"I think your garment is very nice looking and comfortable. They are manageable (drys fast and practically wrinkle-free after washing). I also like the detachable sleeve."

Sonia- Brunflo, Sweden

"Light-weight, attractive, sensible. Something I really want. I'll never shovel snow without my BodyCovers again."

Barbara- Laurel, Maryland

"Finally a coverall that fits! Buying a small man's size still didn't work. I love the fabric, the range of motion and the weight. The fact that the arms zip out is very convenient. It was definitely worth waiting for."

Karyn- Leesburg, Virginia

"I just came back from visiting my family in Hungary; my new BodyCovers were waiting for me. Thank you so much! They're very nice, light and comfortable. I love them! They really make my work easier."

Gabriella- Santa Clarita, California

"My BodyCovers just arrived and I have them on now. They're great! Perfect! Exactly what I wanted and needed. I think I'll get my name embroidered on them on the right chest. Let me know if you ever start making them in "Fire Engine, Arrest-Me" Red."

Miki- Annandale, Virginia

"Congratulations on the new business--- we've been needing you!"

Lela- Frederick, Maryland

"I can now take comfortable walks along the pier, enjoying the cool breezes of Lake Michigan in my BodyCoveralls."

Brenda- Michigan City, Michigan

"I got my coveralls today and I love them! Since I walk and catch the subway everywhere I go, I needed something warm and very comfortable. My first day out with them on, several women stopped me to ask about them. Great product and I will be telling everyone I know about them."

Joarvonia- Harlem, New York

"You don't even know you're wearing them- they have a soft, comfortable feel, easy to get on and off. They're warm and non-restrictive, and I need that in my line of work. I like everything about them."

Amy- Westminster, Maryland

"Your colors are Great! I love the way BodyCovers are made and allow me to look like a lady should, and still be warm. It is great to finally have coveralls actually made to fit a woman's body ! ! ! !"

Cindi- Hurricane Mills, Tennessee

"Thank You! I love MY coveralls. I have been wearing my husband's hand-me-downs for years and now I finally have a pair made for me. Women everywhere have been needing you, including me. Thanks again for the wonderful coveralls and the wonderful service."

Lynn- Nathalie, Virginia

"I have very much enjoyed these coveralls. Great fit!! Very feminine. Very warm. Very comfortable."

Elizabeth- Summerville, SC

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