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"I just received my Arctic BodyCovers in the mail today. I am in love with them! The fit is amazing and they are super comfortable. The quality is great. Every detail is well thoughtout; the key holder tab on the side, the inside pocket, and the ability to hem them easily. Thank you BodyCovers!"

Teresa- Carmel, New York

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Coveralls for Women
BodyCovers, "coveralls for women" or even overalls, are used as winter and cold weather clothing to reduce body aches and chills . . . cold and wind.

Want to be cozy in the cold?
BodyCovers, coveralls for women, used as ladies outdoor work clothes and even ladies riding clothes, specifically motorcycle or ladies horseback riding clothes, are superior in warmth no matter what the activity you're doing.

Want to protect and maintain your office, work, and show clothes?
BodyCovers serve as perfect ladies protective wear, indoor protective wear and outdoor protective wear, keeping clothes completely covered and clean.

BodyCovers is proud to introduce its coverall garment for women- a protective outdoor work garment that is functional, durable, warm and attractive.

By keeping the qualities important to women in the forefront of the design process, BodyCovers designed their coveralls with many appealing features in mind:

We Currently Offer BodyCovers in 3 Styles:

Fall/Winter Style

  • Soft, durable outer Polyester/Cotton fabric.
  • Smooth inner lining for easy slip on and removal.
  • Light-weight Thinsulate Insulation for mild winter temperatures.
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Arctic Style

  • Soft, durable outer Polyester/Cotton fabric.
  • Smooth lining for easy slip on and removal.
  • Heavy-weight Thinsulate Insulation for cold winter temperatures.
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Summer Style

  • Soft, durable Polyester/Cotton fabric.
  • Non-Insulated.
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All styles of our BodyCovers have the same appearance and the following features:
  • Tailor-cut to compliment every woman’s figure;
  • Removable sleeves for additional ventilation and mobility;
  • Deep interior pockets and key loop for easy access and security;
  • Water, stain and soil resistant;
  • Machine washable and wrinkle-resistant for minimal maintenance and care;
  • Large selection of sizes for that “Ideal” fit.
  • "28" to "34" Adjustable Inseam Length
BodyCovers Sizing Our BodyCovers are made for women. They allow room in places where women need room. They offer a tapered cut even while allowing for clothing underneath.

Inseam Length Our BodyCovers have a 28 inch inseam from the crotch to the end of each leg zipper. We’ve added an additional 6 inches beyond the end of the leg zipper for added length, if you need it, or to easily hem without interfering with the zipper area, if you don’t need the additional length.

BodyCovers coveralls for women are insulated coveralls that are exceptionally warm and comfortable. Even though insulated, these coveralls do not feel “bulky”. The garment has shoulder and back pleats to allow easy upper body movement and gradually tapers at the waist for an attractive fit. The garment unzips at each shoulder allowing each sleeve to be fully removed, converting the garment to a vest coverall. The outer fabric allows for easy care, made from a soft poly-cotton blend- machine washable and virtually wrinkle-free. Zippers along the bottom pant legs allow for easy removal over shoes and boots. To maintain personal items, a number of exterior pockets hold and provide quick access to cell phones, gloves, etc. Discreet interior pockets with vertical zippers hold wallet size items and provide quick and easy access.

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