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"I received my order-thanks for the prompt shipping! I wore it when walking the dogs last night- it is exactly like I had hoped!"

Susan- Colorado Springs, Colorado

BodyCovers, "Specialty Coveralls for Women" is a product designed by a woman for women. The idea was to create an affordable, easily available outdoor garment that also includes all the features important to women wearing them.

This adventure began on a cold September night in 2006. Burrrr, I remember it well. As I drove from the barn, I once again was feeling the restriction and bunching of the men's coveralls I wore (made by the same person whose idea it was to put the laundry room in the basement). It was then that the idea for BodyCovers came to me. I love horses. I hate being cold. Where are the coveralls for women; do they exist anywhere? They certainly weren't easy to locate. I was looking for coveralls that were lightweight, warm, soft, comfortable, non-restrictive, that also allows a woman to work hard, play hard and look good at it.

As I began my research, the idea just kept going and going. Nine years later, here I am- warm-very warm, curvy (smile), and comfortable-- with a product women can use.

By the way, I gleefully threw away my men's coveralls--- you know, the heavy, stiff ones with the crotch halfway down the leg.

Thank you for your interest in BodyCovers.

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